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The Chakras

The Edge of Change

It seems that planet earth and all it’s human inhabitants are in a state of accelerated change, growth and evolution. Time seems to be moving very fast. Not enough hours in the day to do what we feel must be done. We’re busy, but are we really taking the time to grow, to feel, to listen, and to receive? To create an abundance of peace and love? Do we have what we want and need? Are our heart’s being touched? Are we in touch with living our truth, purpose and our ideal? Are we living in fear afraid for our future? Are we stuck in survival and can't find our way out?

So many questions?…Where are the answers?

In today's world it is no longer possible to bring health to one area of our life while we ignore the rest of the areas.  Healing must address the whole being: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual for it to adhere long term.  Regeneration Therapies brings a collection of modalities together to address each area specifically, and to then integrate the health of the whole system.

Think about it. Mind is everywhere. There is no distance or space mind cannot be in, everything is connected. Group consciousness, Country consciousness, Earth consciousness, we are all in this thing called life together. We feel sub-consciously or consciously everyone - and we all affect one another.

The mind, emotions, body and soul were originally intended to function as one. Sometimes through stress, or over-focus they become separated, which causes an imbalance on one or all areas of our life. This imbalance affects our lives in non-productive ways. We all desire to release the barriers and separations that are blocking us and bring balance back into our life. We yearn to re-connect to our purpose to feel peace within.  How?

At Regeneration Therapies we strive for greater understanding of ourselves, our choices, our reactions, and our destiny. We focus on bringing about wholeness and oneness within self. We integrate the different aspects of life through increasing each client’s understanding of his or her own personal life map. 

Through careful assessment (chakra observation) we assist each client to design a personal treatment plan that includes but not limited to:

1. The Balancing of the Energetic System of Chakras, integrative counseling,
    and affirmations to help structure and ground the changes being activated. 
2. Astrology personal data and how the current transits are influencing the
    life, work, family, environment and health.
3. Therapeutic Essential oils uniquely attuned to one’s own personal needs.
4. A channeling (soul reading) along with observation of the chakra systems 
    showing where an individual is in consciousness and what is needed for
    balance/healing of the life force currently and long term.
5. Personal relaxation/regeneration techniques.
6. Assessment of personal growth, emotional, mental and spiritual under-
    standing, and the ability to change habitual behavior.

The personally designed treatments one receives from Regeneration Therapies are capable of bringing about the release of  one's fear and or blocks, as well as the building of new structure with greater understanding and acceptance of self.  A refocusing of one’s life’s direction then becomes possible. One then has a stronger connection with one’s ideal, truth, purpose and God with a greater capacity to give and receive love. Hence - the life is regenerated.

You are Unique
You are the master artist of your life's painting and with personalized guidance

You will discover all of the colors that are available for you to use
 in your own spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing

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To learn more about holistic healing through
the spiritual centers of the body the chakras
go to Chakra Balance

The Chakra system is the central key to health/wellness on all levels.
All that one has experienced, is experiencing and the possibly of future experiences lies within the spiritual centers of the body - the chakra system

As it was in the ancient past - So it will be in the future

The practitioners of the future in
the medical field of health and wellness will be very well versed on the movement of the chakras and will be able to physically and telepathically (remote viewing) to observe, align and balance them to facilitate health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
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See Chakra Balance 
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