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Pat Dupuis said:   August 15, 2009 3:45 pm PST
Loreena, I feel privilaged to have met such and interesting individual. Your web site is awesome!

Randy Ivie said:   June 21, 2009 2:45 pm PST
Loreena, your healing therapies have made such a difference in my life in 6 weeks. I know it is only a start, yet I still feel as though I have stepped into a Star Trek movie and am moving at warp speed in a new dimension on spiritual reality. Thank you so much for everything ... Randy

corey sutter said:   June 2, 2009 11:19 am PST
Hello, so enjoyed our time together last night, and looking forward to more conversation and work together. Your picture is so beautiful. I will be calling you soon Much love Corey

Lisa - Angel Kissed Makeup said:   May 27, 2009 2:20 am PST
Your website is off to a great start. I am fortunate to have connected with you and to have the opportunity to learn from an experienced and talented teacher. Thought I'm cramming to get my Aesthetics License.. I knew I HAD to register for your class! I am as excited to learn from you as you are to teach.. Thank You :)

Linda Sievert said:   May 25, 2009 7:06 pm PST
Your site is absolutely beautiful, warm and inviting.

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